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Mandatory Certificate

All Direct Care Workers in the state of Pennsylvania are required to complete the PA State Competency Exam to prove that they are competent enough to properly care for a client. Please click the button below to be directed to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Exam website. Please be sure to complete this competency exam and send the certificate of completion to with "Competency Exam" in the subject field. 

Mandatory Trainings 

All new employees are required to complete the mandatory trainings before being considered an active employee. We will be using My Learning Center to complete the trainings. You are only required to complete the select trainings listed below in each module, specified with the letters (A), (B) and (C) below.  Please be sure to complete these trainings as soon as possible and email your certificates to with "Mandatory Trainings" in the subject field.


1.  Infection Control- (A) How to protect against infection (B) Proper Hand Washing

2. COVID-19 Training – (A) Handwashing, Mask and Gloves (B) Tips for Caregivers During COVID19

(C) What if I get sick

3.  Seniors and Aging – (A) Preventing Fraud and Financial Abuse of Seniors  (B) Elderly Abuse & Neglect

4.  Safety – (A) Incident Reporting 

5.  Handling Emergencies, Independence & Confidentiality (A) Understanding ADLS  (B) Understanding HIPPA & Confidentiality (C) Professionalism


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