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About Us

We want to help you accomplish all those once attainable goals, once again!

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     Partners in Care Home Care LLC's goal is to provide each client with the freedom, flexibility, and independence needed for them to comfortably live out their everyday lives. We strive to provide our clients and their family members with the security and assurance needed to reduce the stress levels associated with taking care of elderly and disabled loved ones.

     Partners in Care Home has been around since 2016 and is focused on assisting the elderly and disabled citizens of Allegany County. As your partner in care, help to cater to the needs of you or your loved ones. We offer a plethora of personal assistant services and custom services provided upon request to meet the unique needs of each client. We also offer competitive wages to family members who are already or are willing to take care of their loved ones to compensate for the immense amount of work that they already do.

A Lasting Journey

     We train and equip our home health aides with everything needed to establish a healthy, functioning partnership with each client. Your partner will help you accomplish day-to-day activities while creating many new memories to cherish along the way. We will work with each individual client to construct a schedule that best fits their needs. Partners In Care Home Care will do everything in our power to ensure we get the best in-home care for you.  We also provide a meet and greet for each partner to get acquainted before the actual care begins. We will be your partner in care and fill you with positivity every step of the way. 


     Partners In Care Home Care LLC is proud of our main service line and the features and benefits that make up our attractiveness to satisfy the needs of those in need of our services. The main features and benefits of our main service to its customers include our highly motivated staff of caregivers working closely with families to ensure that all of their home care needs are met, whether they need long-term care for disability or illness or short-term help after a hospital stay or accident. Our key strength is that each client gets a unique set of reliable caregivers that will work together to ensure that each client is never left alone and unsatisfied. All employees are subject to a state-certified criminal background check and are trained in accordance with the state guidelines for home care professionals. We offer comprehensive home health care services that include elderly care management and wellness programs.

     With today’s pressure on medical institutions to bring health care costs down to an affordable level and people living longer, the need to find quality home care has never
been greater.

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